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Xiao guiyu of standing committee of Shanghai people's congress came to wordy to investigate and guide
<< Back Xiao guiyu of standing committee of Shanghai people's congress came to wordy to investigate and guide

On the afternoon of December 4, 2018, Mr. Xiao Guiyu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Mr. Dai Liu, Chairman of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Chairman of the Shanghai Robot Industry Association, and leaders from all levels of Jinshan District came to Triowin Company, aiming at launching a special investigation and guidance on "Made in Shanghai" brand in Jinshan District.

The city leaders visited our demonstration workshop of intelligent manufacturing and robotic application on the spot, and listened to Mr. Zhao Jibin, chairman of Triowin, who gave a special report on "Implementing China 2025 Strategy and Building Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Manufacturing High-end Brand".

Director Xiao fully affirmed the recent achievements of Vodi Intelligence and made a high evaluation. It is believed that in response to the national "Made in China 2025" strategy, our company has made great strides on the road of building a national brand of fine machinery. At the same time, it emphasizes that the brand of "Triowin" should be built into a famous brand in Shanghai. As an expert in the robotics industry, Director Dai suits the current situation of Vodi's development. He puts forward that Triowin's intelligence needs to balance its own problems, and practices its development goals from three aspects: capital, talent and specialty. Leaders of other levels of government also made speeches.
This research activity makes all staff of Vodi fully feel the care and help of the government. All Vodi staff will uphold the enterprise spirit of "change, gradual, learning ability". Efforts to strive for performance, courage to innovate, to make their own contributions to the realization of the strategic planning of enterprises!
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