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The 10th Triowin Eddie Sports Games officially opened
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In order to further enrich the spare time life of employees, enhance the vitality of enterprises, promote the centripetal force and cohesion among employees, create a harmonious and happy enterprise atmosphere and environment, so that the majority of employees love sports, with full enthusiasm and strong physique into life and work, to show a good spiritual outlook, the 10th Triowin Sports Games officially opened.
After a heated round of registration, all the schedules have been arranged properly. We welcome the young partners of Vodi to join us to watch the battle and cheer up.

Event schedule

Venue: Triowin cultural activity center

Participation Award

1、Personal category

Third-prize items one or two, 1 each.
Bonuses are as follows: 500 yuan, 300 yuan, 200 yuan + value of prizes.
In the event of the top 8 personnel to participate in the race and female employees can get involved in the prize.

2、Group type

3V3 basketball tournament the top three prize respectively: 450 yuan, 300 yuan, 150 yuan.
5V5 basketball team won the game bonus for 800 yuan, and to highlight the performance of the game players are awarded MVP trophies and cash rewards.
This prize is very rich Oh ~ (see below) in the buddies to refuel Oh ~ this event by the Shanghai Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd by Share Ltd held by the Ministry of trade unions and administration.

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