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  • Sales Engineer

    • 1.Develop new customers and maintain regular customers.
    • 2.Publish product information on B2B platform and find clients.
    • 3.Follow the order,including installation, debugging, procedures, visas and other matters.
    • 4.Communicate information and orders with other departments
    • 5.Accomplish other things assigned by the leader.
    • 1.Have experience of two years in sales.
    • 2.Good command of English,communication skill and team spirit.
    • 3.Outgoing and have adequate customer service work experience.
    • 4.Proficiency with Word,Excel and PPT, familiar with management software,such as OA,CRM.

  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    • 1.Have the item management experience,make reasonable plan for application projects.
    • 2.Have R&D experience in non-standard design,Can give a reasonable solution to the technical problems in the implementation of the project.
    • 3.Familiar with mechanical principle, machining technology and other specialized technology.Have the ability of management and leadership.
    • 1.Bachelor degree and above,major in mechanical relations.
    • 2.Have experience of five years in nonstandard design and ever work as a major project leader.
    • 3.Prefer to who have experience in packaging or robotic industry.
    • 4.Prefer to who have the certification of senior engineer qualification and PMP.

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